Marlin Catches Topping 300 lbs: Good Omen For Sport Fishing in the Osa Peninsula in 2013

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Sport Fishing for Marlin in 2013

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It looks like it is going to be a fantastic sport fishing season for billfish this year, and inshore fishing is also exceptionally strong. Earlier this year, the strong Dorado populations signaled that this would be a great year to catch a marlin. It looks like the good omen is panning out to be true. We are several weeks into the billfish season and already a 350 lb marlin has been caught in the Southern Pacific Ocean by a Crocodile Bay guest.  Anglers flocking to Costa Rica right now for the high season of sport fishing for billfish are in luck! Continue reading…

Tips to Get the Most Out of You Next Sport Fishing Trip

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Angler Fishing in Cota Rica

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When booking a fishing trip to Costa Rica or any destination doing your homework and being prepared is key to a successful trip! Often travelers show up at their destination without having talked to the people that will be taking them out on the waters and learning about the particulars of their destination. By really being prepared you can ensure that you get the most out of your vacation and that it is successful. Continue reading…

Wildlife of the Osa Peninsula

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Some of the wildlife spotted on Crocodile Bay ecotour and visit to a Wildlife Sanctuary in the Osa Peninsula.

Horseback Riding through Costa Rica's Rainforest

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Crocodile Bay guest headed into the rainforest on horseback for an ecotour. Continue reading…

Fierce and Scary, Not Really: The Endangered Wildcats of The Osa Peninsula

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Small Wildcat of Costa Rica

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Wildcats may look fierce and scary to most people but they are among the most critically endangered species in the world. Six species of wildcats are native to Costa Rica, and five of them can be found in the Osa Peninsula: jaguars, pumas, margay cats, ocelots, and jaguarondis. Jaguars are the most threatened of the six species. The wildcats of Costa Rica live in remote mountainous areas and in nature reserves. The multitude of nature reserves throughout Costa Rica has played a critical role in protecting not only wildcats but other endangered species as well. The main threat wildcats face is due to poaching and habitat loss. The more areas that are protected the better chance endangered species have of surviving and rebuilding their populations to healthy levels. Continue reading…

A Whale of a Tale: Killer Whales of Costa Rica

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This Crocodile Bay guest took photos of their encounter with two killer whales while sport fishing offshore in the Osa Peninsula.

Spotted Two Killer Whales, Costa Rica

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Costa Rica killer whales circling the boat during an offshore fishing trip. Continue reading…

A Traveler’s Adventure in the Osa Peninsula

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A Crocodile Bay guest shares photos from his vacation here in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula.

Secluded Shoreline on the Osa Peninsula

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Secluded shoreline on the Osa Peninsula. A  magical spot! Continue reading…

By Land or By Sea: Kayaking and Mountain Biking in the Osa Peninsula are Great Activities for a Family Vacation

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Family Vacation in Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula

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When planning a family vacation finding the right activities that keep your kids out of mischief and that even the adults can enjoy are key to a successful vacation. Mountain biking and kayaking are two great day activities that everyone can do and no one will be bored!  You can explore the rustic countryside and rainforest by bike or travel along one of the many waterways in this region. Either way you are guaranteed to spot lots of wildlife ranging from white-faced monkeys, Scarlet Macaws, alligators, dolphins and whales just to name a few. You can also gauge the difficulty and length of the trek to suit your experience level and your family needs. Every family has different needs finding a a hotel or resort that can cater to your needs and  provide your family with the best experience is a critical factor when deciding where to stay. Continue reading…

Skip Black Friday and Give Thanks with your Loved Ones: Gratitude and a Holiday Family Vacation in Costa Rica

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Black Friday Crowds

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Thanksgiving is quickly approaching along with the biggest retail day in the year, Black Friday. Which one do you choose: being in an over crowded mall and stuck in a traffic jam to buy the latest gadget or spending a relaxing fun day with family and loved ones?  As Thanksgiving approaches many people are contemplating what to do with the time, why not take advantage of the long weekend and spend time with the people that mean the most to you?  If you and your family are on vacation, hopefully somewhere warm like Costa Rica, or even at home this Thanksgiving how about rounding up the troops and having everyone write down five things they are thankful for and why. This exercise is something you can easily do at the table whether it is your own or at a resort. Continue reading…

Playing in the Turquoise Waters: Surfing in Costa Rica’s Pacific Ocean

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A Crocodile Bay guest’s photos from a day of surfing off the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

View of Pacific Ocean from the beach at Crocodile Bay

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 View of Costa Rica’s crystal blue Pacific Ocean from the beach at Crocodile Bay. Continue reading…

Discovering the Wonders of Micro-Farming: Ecotour of a Costa Rica Tilapia Farm

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A photo blog of a Crocodile Bay ecotour of a Tilapia Farm in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula. This farm in an example of the popular micro-farming taking place throughout Costa Rica’s rainforest. A sustainable farming technique that has minimal impact on the ecosystem.  Most of these farms include the highly profitable Cocoa tree as one of their crops. Tilapia is a very popular Costa Rica fish.

Costa Rica Tilapia Pond

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The tilapia pond found on the farm.

Continue reading…