Escape from Hurricane Sandy: Book a Flight to the Osa Peninsula

Costa Rica is clear of Hurricane Sandy
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As the east coast gets pummeled by Hurricane Sandy, all is quiet in the the small frontier town of Puerto Jimenez. While the Osa Peninsula is no stranger to storms, earthquakes, and other natural disasters, right now Costa Rica is enjoying warm sunny weather and calm oceans while many people on the east coast bunker down in their homes to ride the storm out.

Downtown Puerto Jiminez
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Puerto Jimenez is the last town before you enter the wilderness. A former gold mining town, it is a simple rustic town rich in Costa Rica culture and history.  It is where backpackers stop to refill their water and travelers go to purchase their supplies before venturing into the pristine forests of one of the most biologically intense places in the world.  Located on the coast of the Southern Pacific Ocean, it is a port town and a gateway into Corcovado National Park.  It is a low key frontier town where locals, sport fishermen and backpacking types converge to buy supplies of stop in one of the local sodas for a quick bite to eat.

Puerto Jimenez's New Waterfront
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The Park draws millions of visitors to this region every year, and yet it remains one of the best kept secrets among worldly travelers. It is a place for the savvy traveler to visit. The Osa Peninsula is best known as an ecotourist destination. But ecotourism does not mean you have to rough it in sleeping bags and tents. You can rest in luxury during the evening while venturing into the wilderness during the day providing you with the best of both worlds. You can take a break from the outdoor adventures with a spa day and let your sore muscles get in touch with the benefits of massage. I am sure after this hurricane passes many people will want to switch it up a little and go somewhere warm.

Puerto Jimenez Dusk
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The main attraction here is ecotourism. World-class fishermen can not stay away either. For those seeking something a bit more pampering or a break from rigorous outdoor activities there is definitely the ability to eat well and indulge in holistic spa services. What makes vacationing here unique is that you can be in pristine nature while staying in posh style. Crocodile Bay offers the best of both worlds.  The resort caters to the angler and the ecotourist  while offering luxury accommodations.  When you want to get a taste of local culture venture into Puerto Jimenez is a great way to experience some of Costa Rica’s history or taking a tour of one of the farms or the visiting the Guaymi Indian reservation are all things that can submerge you in Costa Rica culture. If you are one of the millions stuck inside right now because of Hurricane Sandy you might want to check out flights to Costa Rica. Some sun might do you some good once the storm passes.

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