Relaxing in the Beautiful Osa Peninsula: Just Another Day in Paradise

Photos taken from Crocodile Bay‘s property in the Osa Peninsula…sometimes you just need to spend the day doing nothing but relaxing.


Osa Peninsula Beach
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Beach, sun, and palm trees what more do you need for a relaxing vacation?

Crocodile Bay Pool and Osa Peninsula Flowers
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Few botanicals come close to the extraordinary elegance of the orchid.

Crocodile Bay Dock
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 Ready for some fishing? Walk on down to the dock!

Crocodile Bay Poolside
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 One of Crocodile Bay’s pools.

Flowers of the Osa Peninsula
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 The exotic flowers of the Osa Peninsula

Crocodile Bay Porch
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Spend the afternoon curled up with a book or ipad on one these rocking chairs.

Crocodile Bay Spa
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A couple gets pampering massages courtesy of Crocodile Bay’s Spa.

Crocodile Bay Swim up Bar
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Crocodile Bay’s swim up pool bar…the best way to enjoy a cocktail in the warm Costa Rica sun.

View from the Beach of the Pacific Ocean
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View of the Pacific Ocean from the beach–another good day for swimming!

Crocodile Bay Private Bungalow
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Path leading to one of Crocodile Bay’s Private Bungalows.

Costa Rica Sunset
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There is nothing like the Osa Peninsula Sunset.

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