Anglers’ Paradise for Billfish: Offshore Fishing in the Waters of the Osa Peninsula

Costa Rica Marlin
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The beautiful blue waters of the Osa Peninsula are abundant in majestic billfish that dance off the waters and give any sport fishermen a challenge when trying to reel them in. With sunshine and warm days most of the year and a pristine biodiverse environment that is not exploited, there is nothing like heading out in the waters here early in the morning to catch a billfish, especially the legendary marlin.  With expert Captains and boats loaded with the latest technology, Crocodile Bay is known as the anglers dream destination for world-class fishing. According to the Billfish Foundation, Anglers contribute $599 million annually in direct and indirect revenue to the Costa Rican economy, so keeping the fish stock abundant keeps people coming here year after year.

Angler Catching a a Marlin
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Here in the Southern Pacific Coast every month is a good time for offshore fishing.  Marlin, sailfish, tuna and roosterfish can all be caught year round with peak seasons for each.  During peak seasons your likelihood of catching one increases but generally speaking you can find any of these great billfish throughout the year.  Dorado and Wahoo are most likely to be caught during the rainy season.  Snook can be caught on this side of the coast from March to May.

Marlin Jumping
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Each type of fish requires a slightly different technique to catch and professional anglers have their own quirks and preferences that have developed over the years. Catch and release is the law in Costa Rica for billfish, which is one of the reasons, generally speaking, the fish stocks remain abundant in these waters.  As a general guideline, the preferred hook is the circle hook. Circle hooks radically reduce incidences of foul hooked fish. The J Hook will often hook the fish elsewhere on the body such as the dorsal fin. There are subtleties with using this hook, such as with the circle hook. The angler drops the bait to the fish for a short count keeping the rod pointed at the fish.  An experienced Captain can guide even a first timer through the process resulting in a successful catch for the day.  And for the more experienced angler, it is always good to have someone else to swap techniques with and continue improving your tricks and tactics for successful catch and release.

Boating for Billfish
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Costa Rica is the kind of place that draws you back year after year, especially among anglers who come here from all over the world.  After a rugged day, it is also nice to be able to relax in comfort and quality with no stress. You can take in the warm night air with a drink, dinner and a decadent chocolate something desert that embraces the quality cocoa grown in Costa Rica or a healthy sweet alternative after a day of thrill seeking while offshore fishing for billfish. Now that is a fishing vacation. Happy boating.


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