Zipping Through the Forests of the Osa Peninsula: A Photo Blog

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Crocodile Bay takes guests on a day long zip line canopy tour in the forests of the Osa Peninsula. This eco-adventure is family friendly fun.

Ecotourist: Waiting on Platform

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Ecotourists getting ready to take off on the zip line canopy tour.

Ecotourist flying throught the air

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Flying through the air on the Canopy Tour…hold on tight you’re almost at the other side.

Ecotourist Spotting a Monkey

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Spotted while on a zip line platform: a Costa Rica monkey sitting cozy in a tree.

Ecotourist Macaw

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Spotted a Scarlet Macaw hanging upside down while on the zipline. At least I’m flying right side up.

Ecotourist Child

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Getting ready to take off on the zip line.


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Spotted a baby white-faced monkey while taking the Canopy Tour.

Getting Ready to Launch

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Getting ready to launch…




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