An Eco Day: Dolphin and Whale Watching in the Osa Peninsula

Crocodile Bay took some guests out for a day long ecotour dolphin and whale watching in the Osa Peninsula.  These eco-tourists had a real adventure.

Ecotourists headed out for some dolphin and whale watching
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Family of ecotourists headed out for some dolphin and whale watching.

Whale Watching: Spotting some killer whales
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Spotting some harmless Killer Whales

Whale Watching on a boat
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Boating on the Osa Peninsula: This is a mellow way to spend a day

Whale Watching: Spotting a humpback
Image Source:

Spotting a sunburned humpback whale

Whale Watching: Whales Diving
Image Source:

Spotting some whales

Whale Watching: Spotting a Dolphin Jumping
Image Source:

Spotting a dolphin jumping!

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