Showing off the Prized Catch: Costa Rica Offshore Fishing

While the big game fish in Costa Rica are all catch and release there are some fish for the taking while offshore fishing in the Southern Pacific Ocean. It’s another sunny day in the Osa Peninsula and these Crocodile Bay guests celebrate their diverse catches for the day.

Costa Rica Ready to Fish
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In Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula and ready to go sport fishing for the day.

We caught a fish
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We got one…

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I caught a Dorado…

Big Dorado
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We caught a really big Dorado….Mahi Mahi anyone?

Sport fishermen with catch
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Sport fishermen work as a father and son team to catch this guy in the Pacific Ocean.

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A successful catch and release of the prized sailfish.

Team Effort
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This group of friends are feeling satisfied after a long day of offshore fishing.

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