Catching Dorado in The Sweet Gulf

Photos of Crocodile Bay guests fishing for Dorado and other lovely sea creatures such as roosterfish off the beautiful Sweet Gulf. Dorado are booming this month in Costa Rica.

The Sweet Gulf
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Another beautiful sunny day on Costa Rica’s Sweet Gulf.

Pair of Dolphin
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A pair of dolphins playing in the Sweet Gulf

The Rainforest
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From the fishing boat you can see the beach and the rainforest of the Osa Peninsula.

Fishing Boat
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Fishing for Dorado in the Gulf.

Killer Whale
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Utoh, is that really a killer whale headed our way?

My Smile is bigger than the Dorado's

Smile for the camera, we caught a dorado.

More Dorado

We caught a dorado too.

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I’m proud to have caught my roosterfish. Isn’t he something?


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