Jet Blue Offers Election 2012 Sore Losers A Ticket To Costa Rica

Election 2012: Costa Rica Ocean
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Pack your bag for Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, Jet Blue is offering free plane tickets this election 2012! All it takes is a second to participate in Jet Blue’s Election Protection 2012 contest to win a free flight to one of the airlines international destinations. If you live in the USA then you are aware of the election buzz occupying the minds of most people as the debates continue to heat up over health care, education, taxes and jobs. Meanwhile down south, the people of Costa Rica are quietly going about their daily lives with very little drama compared to the hectic pace of the USA.  Surfboards, fishing rods, good food and spending time with people is what matters in the happiest country in the world.

Election 2012: Osa Peninsula
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Before every election you will here people ranting that if their candidate doesn’t win they are leaving the country. Well Jet blue has decided to take people up on this normally idle threat by offering election 2012 disgruntled voters a round trip ticket out of the country if their candidate doesn’t win.  Under Election Protection, Jet Blue is giving away 2,012 one-way tickers, or 1,006 round trip tickets to be selected at random among the participants on the losing side.  Jet Blue is independently polling Americans on who they will vote for.  According to Jet Blue’s polls, right now Obama is winning with 54% of the vote.

Election 2012: Rainforest
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Of course while you will be disappointed if you are an American on the losing side but just think you can head on down to Costa Rica and book your accommodations with Crocodile Bay. They will welcome you with open arms regardless of your party affiliation. You can go fishing, hike through the rainforest, surf, and take an ecotour or just lie on the beach and do nothing. Either way, maybe after the hectic fall taking a moment to relax in one of the most peaceful countries in the world is good for anyone’s spirit regardless of whether you are a Republican of Democrat.

Election 2012: Escape to Costa Rica
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You can always join the large expatriate community that now calls Costa Rica home if you decide not to return but Jet Blue does have a ticket for you if you decide to head back to the USA.  But yes, Jet blue will give you a free ride out of the USA to a sunny tropical paradise if the election gets you down.


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