Grab your Rod and your Board: Day Trip to Pavones for World-Class Fishing


Pavones Fishing
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While Pavones is famous for it’s big breaks and excellent surfing conditions, it is also a great place to go fishing for tuna and snapper.  Known for its legendary left hand break, this spot is a secret favorite destination among surfers. This sleepy peaceful beach town in the Osa Peninsula is home to surfers and artisan fisherman. Travelers pass through the town looking to catch a legendary wave and experience the break of a lifetime. It is a spot for those with an adventuresome spirit, and its remoteness has kept the usual commercial tourist traffic thankfully far away.  Since it is a beach town, the food here centers around fish especially tuna and red snapper. There are several seemingly modest restaurants in town that serve excellent fresh fish.  Pavones is an excellent place for a sport fishing trip.

Pavones Fishing with the Locals
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Tuna and porpoises swim together in these waters sharing the waves with the surfers.  The tuna likes to feed underneath groups of porpoises. So when you spot porpoises chances are there are some tuna swimming close by.  Fishing for tuna requires heading out in a boat with an experienced Captain. And there are some great experienced Captains in this area with high tech boats that can take you fishing off the coast of Pavones. Snapper and tuna can be caught year round here. Both fish are catches that you can bring home to enjoy for dinner.

Pavones Fishing by Boat
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Just across the Peninsula from the better-known Matapalo, Pavones is a true escape. Not that any area in this part of Costa Rica really suffers from over development, but Pavones is one of the few exotic places you can travel to and not feel like you are being joined by hundreds of other tourists on your trip.  Between the surfers, local fishermen, wild horses and miles of pristine sand there are few places that can compete with the serenity of Pavones. While NASA scientists are busy developing warp drive, in the meantime, the fastest way to access Pavones is really by boat.

Fishing at Sunset
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For the sport fishermen looking for an exotic escape spending a day fishing off the coast of Pavones is well worth the trip. By boat it is fairly easy to access and the relatively new highway from San Jose has improved access by car. If you are looking to spend most of your vacation enjoying the convenience of a resort, Crocodile Bay organizes day fishing trips to this area with some of the best Captains in the peninsula. Bring you board and your rod to Pavones for  a day or two, you will not forget the experience.

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