Finding Freedom in Escaping Civilization: Fishing and Other Activities Along The Sierpe River

Mouth of Sierpe River
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Located along northern border of the Osa Peninsula is the Sierpe River, the gateway to the beautiful exotic Osa Peninsula and Corcovado National Park. The Osa Peninsula is a prime spot for fishing, hiking, wildlife watching, and surfing.  There is something here for everyone who loves the outdoors. When taking a well needed break from the hectic pace of modern life, it is a great place to book a vacation. With its warm waters, prolific fish holding structures and numerous rivers that dump rich nutrients into the ocean, some of the best fishing is found in the Osa Peninsula. There is an abundance of Red Snapper and Snook in the Sierpe River, and you can be sure that you will catch your dinner after a day of fishing here.  There are parts of this river with left hand breaks that you can surf. Another popular activist are taking wildlife tours up the river where you will spot monkeys, crocodiles, rare exotic wildlife, and hundreds of different bird species including Macaw and Toucan.

Mangroves Sierpe River
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The Sierpe River is the only river navigable from its source all the way to its mouth in the Pacific Ocean in all tides, 365 days a year and by boats of all sizes.  The lower Sierpe and upper Sierpe are very different environments.  The lower part of the river is characterized by some of the country’s largest mangrove estuaries.  These estuaries are nurseries for red snapper, snook, tarpon and many other fish making this spot excellent for fishing.  While fishing you will see miles of mangroves, rainforest and hills and mountains in the distance, making your fishing expedition a relaxing scenic adventure in a pristine natural setting. Here you will mingle with locals, expats and fellow travelers.

Aerial View Sierpe River
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The upper river is a completely different environment.  Once you travel up the river past the mangroves, you come to an environment with large hardwood and palm trees.  This area is more intimate and wild. It is rare that you will spot other boats or hear a man made noise in this particular part of the river. Light tackle river fishing, wildlife watching and kayaking are exceptional in this part of the river. So if you are looking for a more secluded adventure taking the trip up the river is definitely worth it. If you decide to head all the way up to the headwaters in the Sierpe Lagoon, there is a 230-acre lake that is secluded, wild and absolutely pristine. It also holds some of the biggest and most aggressive snook in the entire river system.

Sierpe River
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Venturing to the Sierpe River is a great option for fishing trips as well as family trips.  It is a kid friendly exploration where you can take a tour of wildlife or go boating up the river.  If you are traveling to the Osa Peninsula, a day trip to the Sierpe River is a must do.  Crocodile Bay can organize ecotours and fishing expeditions to the Sierpe River. Of course don’t forget your natural waterproof sunscreen when headed to the Sierpe for the day. There is nothing like escaping civilization and spending time along the Sierpe River.


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