Getting Lost in the Clouds: Hiking Osa Peninsula’s Cloud Forest

Photographing Cloud Forest
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The Osa Peninsula’s unique biodiversity is comprised of eight different habitats including Cloud Forest.  These micro-climates are what creates and supports the incredible biodiversity of the region. Venturing into Cloud Forests takes you well beyond roadways and modern life into a pristine world where you can get lost in the wonders of nature.  It is an adventure high into the mountains of the rainforests that cover Costa Rica and border the ocean.  It is unlike any other place in the world rich in magic and wonder. A trek through Corcovado National Park can take you up to the Cloud Forest. It is a hike worth the journey to experience being in this forest. The Cloud Forests are home to incredible species and flora diversity and because of their rarity and remoteness, there is not a lot of research done on these majestic forested areas.

Monkey in Cloud Forest
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These highland forests are characterized by 100% humidity. It is the high moisture in these forests that creates the rich biodiversity.  These forests occur at the peak of mountains. The persistent low-level cloud cover creates an abundance moss.  When walking through these forests, the rich green moss-covered ground with the green canopies covering overhead in the clouds is breathtaking.  You feel like you are walking through a land created in a fairytale with the wildlife peeking out from the trees including white-faced monkeys and rare birds. You can get lost in the richness of this area rarely seen by most humans.

Cloud Forest
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In most parts of the world these precious Cloud Forests are disappearing due to conversion of land for crops, pasture and lodging as well as climate change. The rising temperatures from climate change threatens the world’s cloud forests.  The Nature Conservancy’s adopt an acre program is a great way to take part in helping to save these forests from further destruction.  By protecting forests from over-development, you also help to mitigate the impact of climate change caused by rising CO2 levels.  In addition, Corcovado is the largest protected rainforest in the world and exploring this areas lowland and highland forests is worth the visit.

Hanging Bridge in Cloud Forest
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These cloud forests are filled with hidden natural treasures and is any eco-tourist type’s dream. Crocodile Bay organizes day hikes into Corcovado with opportunities to explore the magical Cloud Forests. You can hiking, rappelling or bird watching in one of the most exotic places on earth.  For the adventuresome traveler exploration of these Cloud Forests to be a memorable lifetime experience and will make your vacation in the Osa Peninsula even more memorable.

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