Snappity Snap It’s a Giant Snapper: Fly Fishing in the Osa Peninsula

Fly Fishing GIant Snapper
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The Osa Peninsula is the last great peninsula untouched by civilization and offers some of the best fly fishing in the world with waters abundant in roosterfish, snapper, pompano,  grouper and other big game fish.  With the recent plan for a marina, this area is sure to become an even more popular fishing destination that will be able to accommodate more boaters. With and abundance of fish and strong conservation programs in place, the Osa Peninsula is fisherman’s dream. Grouper and Snapper are two of the most common catches. The Osa Peninsula is known for its giant Bug Cubera that are plentiful in these waters. While not as difficult as catching a Marlin, you are definitely in for a battle when fly fishing for a big bad Cubera.  They are a strong feisty fish. 

Red Snapper Fly Fishing
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Grouper and Snapper move to deep waters and can tolerate colder waters as they grow larger but generally are found news shore estuary zones, far up tropical rivers, along sand or mud bottoms to the outer edges of reefs, wrecks and offshore rocky bottoms. Grouper and Snapper are found close to steep reef drop offs and deep rocky island points or jagged offshore fishing bottom structure. In other words, where there are rocks and reefs you will find snapper and grouper and many other fine catches.

Fly Fishing
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Grouper and Big Cubera are cannibalistic and will eat almost anything dead or alive, which makes baiting them pretty easy. Irregularly pulsed sounds attract Snapper, which pull them out of their hiding places in the rocks.  They are extremely territorial becoming agitated when other fish feed in their area.  As predators of the ocean, they are unaccustomed to being hunted and become enraged when caught.  These are some seriously powerful fish.  When hooked they become feisty turning colors and stampeding to the safety of their den at an amazing speed for such a giant fish.  This makes them a challenging catch for any angler. When fishing be prepared for a long day on the water and don’t forget to bring your sunscreen with you because the sun is strong down here. When fly fishing for Grouper and Snapper, it is advisable to use a 60 to 50 pound leader, 16 to 20 pound tippet and a good strong fly fishing rod. It is all about baiting them and reeling them in very quickly once you have them on the line because they will make a run for it.

Fly Fishing Osa Peninsula
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Crocodile Bay has great Captains and experienced anglers that can take you out fly fishing for Cubera and Snapper. The mangrove estuaries in the Osa Peninsula are great for relaxing and while catching a Snapper is definitely an adrenalin rush, you will be in one of the most serene and beautiful places in the world abundant with wildlife in raw pristine nature. It is the perfect getaway for both the pros and amateurs.

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