Dorado AKA Mahi Mahi: An Offshore Treat

Giant Dorado aka Mahi Mahi
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World-famous offshore sport fishing in Costa Rica includes sailfish, marlin, roosterfish and dorado aka mahi mahi.  With so many incredible game fish to choose from, dorado remains a favorite catch among anglers.  This tiny country has some of the best sport fishing in the world largely due to their catch and release policy, which supports incredible variety in the species of fish that inhabit these waters.  Dorado is a dolphinfish not to be confused with dolphin, which are mammals.  It is also commonly referred to by its Hawaiian name, mahi mahi. Not only are they a chef’s favorite  they are also a favorite catch among sportfishermen around the world.  What better place to go fishing for dorado then offshore in the Southern Pacific Ocean off the coast of Costa Rica.

Flying Dorado aka Mahi Mahi
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They are quite stunning fish.  Known for their beautiful golden green color and when they become aggressive  they turn bright blue with black stripes.  They have a lifespan of 4 to 5 years and are one of the fastest growing fish weighing between 30lbs and 55lbs at full growth.  Because they are prolific breeders, it is very difficult to over fish them making them a popular catch and excellent recreational fish. They are usually caught during the dry season (late November to April) while fishing for sailfish.  They are easily identified by the hump they have over their eyes, which can turn from a green gold to bright neon blue color.  There is something electric about these game fish, which are very popular for sport fishing and on the dinner plate.

Dorado aka Mahi Mahi
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Found in warm waters, they are prolific in tropical waters such as those off the coasts of Costa Rica.  Dorado go after bonita and balyhoo and will bite anything small enough to put in it’s mouth.  Dorado put up a great fight for anglers, and can make a spectacular jump.  They are the most surface oriented of all the big gamefish.  The best place to find them is by floating debris such as logs, palm trees and fish buoys. Trolling and sightseeing are the most productive methods for catching them. These surface dwelling fish fly through the air when hooked flashing beautiful blue, yellow, green and even red dots.

Caught A Dorado aka Mahi Mahi
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Reaching speeds of up to 50mph, dorado an exciting catch even for the most experienced angler and they are great for newcomers to sport fishing.  These highly dramatic colorful fish are a fun catch among the many game fish available in these waters. Crocodile Bay is a first choice place to stay among world class anglers and can accommodate everyone from the most experienced sport fishermen to the newbie.


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